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English Toffee Brownies: rich fudgy brownie topped with decadent chocolate ganache, luscious caramel and crunchy toffee pieces

Mini Cheesecakes: silky, creamy cheesecake on a delectable graham cracker crust, comes in a variety of flavours

Date Squares: chewy and crunchy crust with a soft, sweet, smooth date filling

Strawberry Rhubarb Squares: same delicious crust as our date squares but with a wonderfully sweet and tangy strawberry rhubarb filling

Cheesecake Brownies: fudgy chocolate brownie with a delicate layer of creamy cheesecake in the middle

Scones: tender, buttery scones with a different delicious fruit of the day each day (e.g. blueberry, sour cherry, mixed berry, raspberry etc.)


Take Home & Bake Meat Pies

Chicken & Leek: roasted chicken with leeks, carrots and peas in a delicate creamy sauce encased in flaky pastry

Steak & Mushroom: tender pieces of steak with mushrooms, carrots and onions in a rich, flavourful sauce encased in flaky pastry

Classic Tourtiere: a Canadian favourite! Pork, beef, veggies and spices finely minced together and encased in flaky pastry

Shepherd’s Pie: lamb, beef and veggies deliciously seasoned and blanketed in fluffy mashed potatoes



Lemon Tarts: sweet and tangy lemon filling in a crisp, buttery crust- a little taste of sunshine!

Old-Fashioned Fruit Tarts: packed with sweet and tart sour cherry filling, a hint of vanilla and topped with our signature crumble

Buttertarts: deliciously gooey filling with tangy raisins in a crisp, flaky shell



Fruit Pies: all our fruit fillings are made in house with the finest quality fruit and delightfully flaky pastry



Standard Sizes:

7" cake (8-12 people)  $45 Buttercream  $52 fondant covered 

9"cake (12-16ppl)        $65 Buttercream  $80 fondant covered

11" cake (20-25ppl)     $85 Buttercream   $105 fondant covered

These are base prices, depending on design prices will vary. All Cake orders require a minimum of 48 hrs.  Please call the store to place your order 416- 484-8278

*other sizes available upon request

Cake Flavours:  Chocolate, Vanilla Chiffon, Lemon Chiffon, Spiced Ginger, Citrus Scented Carrot, Chocolate Banana

Buttercream flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Lemon, Raspberry, Caramel, Espresso, Cookies n'Cream, White Chocolate Rum, Cream Cheese Icing



Shortbread: melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbread with a choice of chocolate chunks or lemon icing

Mini Empire Cookies: bite-sized Empires with buttery cookies sandwiching raspberry filling, topped with delicate icing and a cherry piece

“Jason’s Faves” Cookies: a delicious crisp and chewy cookie with white, dark and milk chocolate chunks

Oatmeal Cranberry Raisin Cookies: a tender and chewy oatmeal cookie packed with sweet and tangy dried cranberries and raisins

Ginger Molasses Cookies: a soft, chewy and delicately spiced treat

Gingersnaps: crunchy, spicy and buttery these old-fashioned goodies will have you coming back for more

Coconut Macaroons: delicate coconut flavour in a delightfully chewy cookie, naturally gluten-free

Meringues: lovely, dainty morsels with a pleasant crunch, naturally gluten-free

Sugar Cookies: beautifully iced cookies in a wide variety of brilliant shapes and colours